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[For those who have no problem with the sales price including consumption tax in Japan.]

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・About order
[ Those who wish to purchase a sales price that excludes Japan's domestic consumption tax from the sales price that includes Japan's domestic consumption tax ]

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We will send a PayPal invoice email.
Japan's consumption tax is deducted from the prices listed.
It does not include the display prices of goods for tariff that occurs when the overseas delivery.
All orders outside Japan could be subject to custom duties and tax.
Customers are responsible for these charges when contacted by shipper.

For confirmation of your order

Once your order will be completed, to the email address of your registration within a few minutes, It will send your order confirmation email, please check the e-mail content.
If your order confirmation e-mail does not reach
Please check your e-mail address of your registration now once.
The contents of your application, please check the page "check the purchase history" My page on top of the log.
※ Some free e-mail, such as hotmail is, there are times when e-mail is not received even if there is no mistake in the address.
E-mail software and, by the setting of the e-mail anti-virus software, so there is a possibility that a variety of e-mail from our company has been deleted processing automatically, please note.

About the delivery of goods

Overseas delivery has been accepted by the EMS (Express Mail Service).

Specified delivery date and time, for delivery days

After ordering, you can ship it the next day.
Delivery date will depend on location and traffic conditions.
It will be delivered within 14 days at the latest.
※ Delivery date · Delivery time designation is not received.

Shipping Fee

Shipping cost depends on the delivery address.

Rate schedule Asia(First Zone) : 2100JPY

Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East(Second Zone) : 2900JPY

Europe(Second Zone) : 3200JPY

South America and Africa(Third Zone) : 4100JPY

*In the case where your item is an international shipment,
there may be delays depending on the country's customs inspection.
Please be advised that customers will bear the customs fees.

Return Policies

We do not accept returns of good products at all.
Returned or exchanged not accepted. Please be forewarned.

Please confirm size and color surely before ordering.

You can return the goods if they are defective.

However, there are times when you can not return goods even if they are defective
The case we cannot accept returns and exchanges.
・ After the commodity arriving, has passed the 8-day items
・ Once even products that you have used
・ Products that groups scratches and dirt of customers has occurred
※ Please take care to perfume, cosmetics is when you try.
・ Clothing that were cut quality display tag washing name
・ Rework when it is a (hemming, etc.) and your laundry
・ Underwear and swimwear, earrings, cosmetics, food
・ Some of the items, those that have been lost accessories